Hot-Accounts Cash Books v 1.04

With this latest version 1.04, the Cash Books mini application in Excel has truly become an analytical tool to dig into the details of a Hot-Accounts database.

Several new slicers have been added, but the biggest improvement has occured at the right side: users can now select the kind of information to be shown in the second pivot table.

One of these new options is to show Investment and Return on Investment information (ROI).

Also two ROI related calculated columns have been added: the running total of Investments and %ROI.

This ROI information is one of the steps to convert the Hot-Accounts application into a real tool for investors.

Also a Hot-Account Cash Books manual is being prepared, explaining how to use the new possibilities.

Also the Cash Books v1.04 selection form has been redesigned to hold several additional options. This mini application has become multilingual as the user can now select the language (currently English and Dutch).