Start using Hot-Accounts

First create a new Hot-Accounts database.

SCREENCAST Get started, part 1 (IntroGS2)
  • Create a new Hot-Accounts database
  • Define new (bank) accounts
  • Initialize account balances
  • Check account balances

Attention: when you get an error while selecting or creating a Hot-Accounts database, this means that the prerequisite software in step 2 of the installation procedure has not been installed correctly. Please redo step2 in that case. Also check if your computer is 64 bit, otherwise you have to install the 32 bit version of the prerequisite software.

Next use basic program features

SCREENCAST Get started, part 2 (IntroGS3)
  • Define a new budget item (e.g. ‘Housing’)
  • Import Transactions
  • Define a transfer between own accounts
  • Define an expense
  • Check account balances (=your current financial situation)
  • Check with Budget Overview if you are living within your means

Learn more about manual transactions and basic features

SCREENCAST Manual transactions (Intro4)
  • Show/Search/Limit Transactions
  • Number of Records Shown
  • Show the Account Balance in an extra column
SCREENCAST Basic features (Intro5)
  • Backup/Restore a Hot-Accounts database
  • Insert/Update/Delete/Multi-Row Delete
  • Same-As insert
  • Paste, Paste Next, Paste Previous
  • Cleanup transactions

Backup and Restore are now selectable menu item options

  • PRINT (parts of) a data grid as a REPORT

SCREENCAST Budget + Project items (Club1)
  • Hide Income and Expenses budget items
  • Define new budget items suitable for a club
  • Define project items
  • Analyse Income and Expenses at project level