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  1. Oldies
  2. Passion
  3. Classical
  4. Love
  5. Hot
  6. 80/90’s Dance
  7. Eurodance
  8. Hot & POP
  9. Under my umbrella
  10. 70’s
  11. Evergreens & Ballads
  12. Latin POP
  13. Rock & Metal
  14. Twerk & Dance acts
  15. Lyrics only

Note that there are no strict time boundaries within the playlists. Songs can occur more than once, sometimes even within the same list, with e.g. another performer or just another YouTube clip.

0. Mxed Lists (1, 2, 3 and 4)

Four mixed lists have been added with hits over all time periods and different genres. Discover this way many beautiful songs that you have never heard before.

Enjoy the music

Most selected songs are very melodic. And in order to find the best performance and audio quality combination often dozens of clips were first listened to.

In addition to English songs, the playlists contain a large number of French, Spanish, German and Italian songs as well as a limited number of songs in still other languages.

You might wonder why songs have been put available on a website promoting a free personal finance program.

First of all because it’s technically possible and (to be honest) to attract some extra visitors this way. Secondly: I enjoy it discovering all these magnificent songs and then listening almost ad-free to them and I hope to be able to make you part of my musical journey as well. E.g. listening to the 4 mixed lists is probably the quickest way to broaden your musical knowledge. New and old songs are sometimes put in a shocking way after each other, often only sharing a common beat. As the songs are YouTube clips, there is also an important visual aspect. Where possible, the best visual clips were selected, though priority has always been given to the best audio quality.

Best watching experience

You need of course a good internet connection to listen to the clips without lagging.

If possible, watch the clips on a large screen and with high audio quality. Set the playlist to maximum size using the enlarge option in the lower right corner. Just start the playlist to listen to songs without ad interruptions or parse the content of the playlist using the arrow in the upper right corner. After selecting a song the list will continue from there.

How to quickly find a song within a playlist?

  • First click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the playlist. An overview of the songs in the list is shown and you can already scroll through the items.
  • Press Ctrl + F in Windows or use the ‘Search on page’ option of your Android/iOS smartphone.
  • Type a few letters of the song or artist you are looking for.
  • The cursor is automatically placed on the first item that meets the criteria.
  • Click to start the clip

Note: If there are several playlists on the same page, you can first open more than one playlist and continue the search over all opened playlists.

Note: even without first opening the playlist, you can do the search. In that case you’ll find the item in the content list.

How to find songs over all playlists?

You can quickly find a song using the Search area. E.g. entering the words sway martin dean results in an overview of all pages that contain all these (separate!) words.

Then click on one of the results and continue you search on that page as explained in previous paragraph.

Bookmark the pages that you like

If you like one or more playlists, you might bookmark these pages in your browser for easier retrieval next time.

Recent additions:

  • Playlist 15 – Lyrics only: items ->54 (recently added playlist)
  • Playlist 0, Mix list 4: items ->39 (recently added playlist)
  • Playlist 14 – Twerk and Dance acts: items ->120 (revised list)
  • Playlist 3 – Classical music 2: items ->28 ->65 ->85 ->127->174
  • Playlist 1 – Oldies: items -> 20 -> 28 –> 41->78->113 ->155
  • Playlist 0, Mix list 3: items>123 ->200
  • Playlist 2 – Passion: items>31 ->57
  • Playlist 3 – Classical music 1: items 17 -> 117 -> 200
  • Playlist 7 – Eurodance, items ->60 ->126
  • Playlist 0, Mix list 1: items -> 173->200
  • Playlist 0, Mix list 2: items -> 172->200
  • Playlist 12 – Latin Pop: items ->86 ->112