Enjoy the musique

You can now select and play songs from following YouTube playlists:

  1. Oldies
  2. Passion
  3. Classic
  4. Love
  5. Hot
  6. 80/90’s Dance
  7. Eurodance
  8. Hot & POP
  9. Under my umbrella
  10. 70’s
  11. Evergreens & Ballads
  12. Latin POP
  13. Rock & Metal
  14. Twerk & Dance acts

The songs in the lists might slightly vary over time. This is especially the case for the Hot list.

I’ve taken a lot of liberty in deciding in which list to put a song. In some cases it might have landed in up to 3 other lists. There is also no strict time boundary and some songs occur more than once (even in the same list!), with either another performer or just another YouTube clip.

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