Cash Books

The Hot-Accounts Cash books mini application is an example of how information from a Hot-Accounts database can be exported into an Excel® spreadsheet for further analyzing and reporting.

Transactions are read from a selected Hot-Accounts database into an .xlsm Excel file. Based on this informations, two intertwined pivot tables are generated, forming together a cash book. The left side of the diary shows the transactions from an account point of view while the right side shows the same transactions from a budget type point of view.

Excel 2010 or higher is required to succesfully run the Hot-Accounts Cash Books Excel

Note: While in the Cash Books Excel, you can click on one or more slicers to quickly get more detailed information.

Download here the latest Cash Books version v1.10 (7,5MB) together with a number of demo databases (*). A lot of options are available as shown in following picture of the Cash Books selection form.

(*) The included Read-me-first file provides you with the passwords to access these demo databases.

The Cash Books Selection Form