Hot-Accounts Installation Instructions

Step 1: Add ClickOnce support for your web browser

Use Google Chrome as your web browser and add ClickOnce support if you haven’t done this before.

Press ‘Add To Chrome’ for the Windows Remix ClickOnce Helper in the Chrome web store and follow the plugin installation steps. Basically, you have to click the winmixClickOnceHelper.exe to install the plugin.

See detailed screenshots how to install the ClickOnce support for your Chrome web brower

Step 2: Install Microsoft® SQL Server® Compact 4.0 SP1

Download SQL CE 4.0 64 bit

Note: If you are still using an old 32 bit pc you need to download this version => Download SQL CE 4.0 32 bit

Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. See detailed screenshots

Step 3: Install Hot-Accounts (first installation and updates)

Licence notice
You are allowed to download, install and use Hot-Accounts free of charge.
You are not allowed to change the Hot-Accounts software without prior permission of the author.
The author can’t be held responsible for any damage incurred by using Hot-Accounts.
You are supposed to agree with these conditions when you start downloading, installing or using Hot-Accounts

Install Hot-Accounts (1.02.009 build 260 2023/02/23)

With a clickonce supporting web browser the installation is launched immediately after clicking the Install link. Press the Open button to continue.

See detailed screenshots for this part of the installation


  • If you see xml garbage when clicking on the Hot-Accounts installation link, it means that step 1 hasn’t been completed yet.
  • If you get a wrong location error or a version problem, first uninstall Hot-Accounts and then reinstall it.

If you still have installation problems, please leave a message on the contact page.

Step 4: Create your first Hot-Accounts database

Hot-Accounts is launched automatically after installation. You first have to create a new Hot-Accounts database. See Start Using Hot-Accounts how to do that.

Overview screenshots for steps 1, 2 and 3: