Track Assets and Investments

This module allows you to manage:

  • Assets
  • Stocks investments
  • Futures
  • Inventories

Assets Management

One of the main objectives of Hot-Accounts is to provide you with a fair view on your current total wealth and liabilities.

Young smiling woman sitting on top of an expensive sports car
Sitting on a nice asset …

To illustrate the ‘problem’ look at this situation: You buy a new car for €15000 and pay cash. If you registrate this as a normal expense your total wealth would decrease instantly with €15000. But this not a fair view on your current total wealth as the value of your brand new car is ignored this way.

Buying items that are supposed to last more than one year can be placed in some assets holder in Hot-Accounts. Your current account decreases in that case with €15000 but at the same time your assets holder will increase with the same value, with no change (*) in total wealth. Of course, when time passes, your car will get older and start losing value, month after month, year after year. To account for this, Hot-Accounts allows you to specify a lineair depreciation procent for each asset. E.g. 20% indicates that the item loses 20% of its original value each year.

(*) Though the total wealth hasn’t changed, the ‘kind’ of wealth has changed: cash money has been transfered to ‘portfolio money’. To keep things clear, Hot-Accounts uses actually 2 balances for each defined account: a normal cash balance and a portfolio balance. Normal accounts, such as current accounts will of course only have a non-zero cash balance, but asset accounts can also have a non-zero portfolio balance.

Manage your stocks investments.

With Hot-Accounts you can also keep track of your stocks investments.

Mostly, your broker already provides you with a lot of instant detail information. With Hot-Accounts, you can however track the performance of all your investments over longer periods. Just registrate stock prices at e.g. the end of each month to get an monthly overview of your profits.

Use the new Cash Books Excel workbook to get a complete historic overview of all your investments or a specific investment.


Hot-Accounts also supports futures and futures-like products.

Active daytraders will probably only registrate their daily total profits or losses. It’s however perfectly possible to registrate all transactions in detail.

Inventory Management

With Hot-Accounts you can also manage items in a warehouse.

A few examples:

  • you have a wine cellar with a lot of wines and want to track all costs. You also want a detailed inventory list with quantity onhand and reorder signals.
  • a private club wants to manage the sales of drinks in a bar.