Hot-Accounts v 1.02.009 build 249

Import stock prices into Hot-Accounts! With this latest release, Hot-Accounts has become a real tool for investors, as it’s now possible to import stock prices and other securities from e.g. a Hot-Accounts Google Finance Sheet. To activate this new feature, assign a ticker code to portfolio items for which you want to import stock prices. … Read more

Hot-Accounts Cash Books v 1.04

With this latest version 1.04, the Cash Books mini application in Excel has truly become an analytical tool to dig into the details of a Hot-Accounts database. Several new slicers have been added, but the biggest improvement has occured at the right side: users can now select the kind of information to be shown in … Read more

Hot-Accounts Cash Books v 1.03 released

With version 1.03 Hot-Accounts Cash Books are again extended with several features. The option to show a ‘Cumulative TOTAL’ and ‘% YTD’ as extra calculated columns. Collapse and Expand operations at the left side of the Cash Books are now mimicked nearly instantly to the right side. Also daily subtotals can be shown now. The … Read more

Hot-Accounts Cash Books v 1.02 released

V1.02 main improvements It’s now possible to separately analyze the different asset classes. Values on the right side pivot table can also be shown as a % of the grand total. The report layout has also been improved.

Hot-Accounts Cash Books v 1.01 released

The Hot-Accounts Cash Books is an Excel Workbook that extracts information from a Hot-Accounts database and presents that information into a more readable form. Main improvements The Cash Books user interface has been completely revised. Also a number of additional options and slicers have been added. With the slicers it’s possible to quickly zoom in … Read more