Additional Features

Manage Multiple Entities

You can define as many Hot-Accounts databases as you need. So you could manage your personal finances in one Hot-Accounts database and use another one just to generate payment files for your business.


You can specify any currency when creating a new account. E.g. a current account in Euro and an investment account in US dollar. But what’s your total possession in that case, e.g. in Japanese Yen?

Though this example is a bit extreme, Hot-Accounts allows you to handle this easily: just select JPY as your main currency at the start of the program.

Example how two accounts with €1000 and $1000 balances are consolidated into JPY:

Consolidation of EUR and USD accounts into JPY

Translate Hot-Accounts into another language?

It’s indeed possible to translate Hot-Accounts into another language though this would be a monks work as nearly 3500 elements (mostly sentences with a lot of them rather technical jargon) have to be translated. The program provides a special Translation page for doing this. A manual for this topic will be released soon.

At start of the program a percentage indicates how many of the elements are translated into the selected language. Dutch is 100% translated, French currently only 4% and
German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Turkish 2%..

These 2% correspond with the number of variable elements such as the standard budget items, budget types and account types. The user will still see English but when a new Hot-Accounts database is created with one of these languages selected, all variable elements will be generated in the selected language.