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Manage your personal finances with Hot-Accounts, a 100% free budget program for Windows PC.   Hot-Accounts is currently available in English and Dutch.

Learn more about the program’s extended functionality on this and following pages.

Hot-Accounts is a secure solution

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A flexible solution

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Use basic and advanced modules

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Additional features

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Keep an eye on credit card spending

Basic Features

These functions form the base of Hot-Accounts:

  • Add and track accounts.
  • Define account transactions
  • Track transfers between accounts
  • Track income and expenses

Advanced modules

With the basic functions of Hot-Accounts you can keep track of your spending behavior and monitor your account balances. For a lot of people this is what they need. But with Hot-Accounts you can also:

Some of these modules go far beyond personal finance. With Hot-Accounts, you can actually manage financial figures in any situation where a regular accounting program is not required.

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Are bitcoins a serious investment?

A secure solution

Nobody wants his personal finances to be exposed to others. With Hot-Accounts you can rest assured: the information is stored in a password protected and encrypted Hot-Accounts database. Even in case of theft or loss your figures will not be accessible to others.

A flexible solution

You can change nearly any element of the standard setup to suit to your own needs. Example: use your own set of budget item categories.

Manage multiple entities

With Hot-Accounts you can manage as many entities as you need. Just create a Hot-accounts database for each of them.

Example: I currently manage following entities:

  • my personal finances
  • my household finances with my wife
  • the finances of my elderly mother
  • my investments for my grandchildren
  • the finances of a sports club


Hot-Accounts is currently available in English and Dutch. The program is multi-language ready meaning that each program element can be translated into any language.

Note: the program has been translated to only a very limited extend into following languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Turkish.


Accounts can be defined in any currency. At start of the program a main currency has to be specified. It is used to consolidate amounts in different currencies. If exchange rates are missing, the program will download these rates from an ECB website.