Calculate Interests

Calculating interests seems to be rather straightforward, but things might get confusing.

That’s the case when you have e.g. :

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Let your money grow while at sleep …
Maximize the yield with Hot-Accounts
  • several accounts
  • a large number of deposits and withdrawals
  • saving accounts with a basic rate and a fidelity rate
  • accounts with a penalty rate if you go below zero
  • one or more term accounts
  • taxes withheld or still to be paid on received interests

With Hot-Accounts, you get answers to questions such as:

  • How much interests will I receive (or do I have to pay) at which dates?
  • Can I optimize interests to be received (or minimize penalty interests) by transfering money between own accounts?
  • how much fidelity interest do I lose when I withdraw money from a savings account?
  • do I still have to pay taxes on received interests?