Hot-Accounts v 1.02.009 build 249

Import stock prices into Hot-Accounts!

With this latest release, Hot-Accounts has become a real tool for investors, as it’s now possible to import stock prices and other securities from e.g. a Hot-Accounts Google Finance Sheet.

To activate this new feature, assign a ticker code to portfolio items for which you want to import stock prices.

To import new stock prices, press the Revaluate portfolio detail items operation in the Portfolio Management screen. A message with detail information is shown. You still have the option to manually modify prices before actual registration.

Also, with the latest version of the Hot-Accounts Cash Books, you can quickly get Return on Investment, % ROI , YTD and %YTD information for your investment accounts.

Organize portfolio items in a portfolio

Before, portfolio items were shown in alfabetical order in a Hot-Accounts portfolio. With the new release, portfolio items are ordered by sorting number and then by security name.

So you might use the sorting number as a kind of grouping. E.g. 1 for normal stock items and 2 for ETF’s and so on.