Listen to our Spotify Playlists

You can now also listen to four Spotify playlists with hits mainly compiled from our existing Hot-Accounts YouTube playlists. Hot-Accounts Spotify Playlist 1: The BEST OF The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Harry Styles, Ava Max and many others. Hot-Accounts Spotify Playlist 2: an ALL-TIME POP playlist with over 1500 songs! Hot-Accounts Spotify Playlist … Read more

Listen ad-free to the best music!

Watch ad-free +3000 clips from following Hot-Accounts YouTube playlists: Also 4 mixed lists have been added with hits over all time periods and different genres. Discover this way many beautiful songs that you have never heard before. 0. Mxed Lists (1, 2, 3 and 4) Enjoy the music These lists are also available as YouTube … Read more

The importance of clear financial reporting

For businesses, financial reporting is of vital importance. Nobody is questioning this. But when it comes to personal finances, a lot of people seem to neglect this rule. And yet, it can’t be repeated enough: in any situation where finances are involved, a clear understanding is necessary. With Hot-Accounts, you get a free tool to … Read more

YTD , ROI and IRR of a portfolio.

Use the Hot-Accounts Cash Books report to get YTD (Year-To-Date), ROI (Return on Investments) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) information about your portfolio. Investment example In this example, a number of investments are entered in Hot-Accounts according a certain scenario (*). Then, a Cash Books report is requested, with the option to show ROI … Read more