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Select and play add-free 3000 clips from following YouTube playlists: Oldies Passion Classical Love Hot 80/90’s Dance Eurodance Hot & POP Under my umbrella 70’s Evergreens & Ballads Latin POP Rock & Metal Twerk & Dance acts Lyrics only Note that there are no strict time boundaries within the playlists. Songs can occur more than … Read more

The importance of clear financial reporting

For businesses, financial reporting is of vital importance. Nobody is questioning this. But when it comes to personal finances, a lot of people seem to neglect this rule. And yet, it can’t be repeated enough: in any situation where finances are involved, a clear understanding is necessary. With Hot-Accounts, you get a free tool to … Read more

YTD , ROI and IRR of a portfolio.

Use the Hot-Accounts Cash Books report to get YTD (Year-To-Date), ROI (Return on Investments) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) information about your portfolio. Investment example In this example, a number of investments are entered in Hot-Accounts according a certain scenario (*). Then, a Cash Books report is requested, with the option to show ROI … Read more